14 Mind-Blowing Bakeries In Monterey To Visit This Year (With Map!)

Visiting some of the remarkable bakeries in Monterey is a must while you are in Monterey. Eating tasty pastries, tasting unique flavors, and trying local specialties are great ways to spend your time in this California coastal town.

You can find upscale bakeries, European bakeries, bakeries with vegan and gluten-free options, and everything in between when you are in Monterey. If you haven’t yet, be sure to add some of these envy-inducing bakeries to your list of things to do in Monterey, California!

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Bakeries In Monterey Map

14 Mind-Blowing Bakeries In Monterey To Visit This Year

Parker-Lusseau Pastries

This dreamy French bakery in Monterey is located on Hartnell Street in downtown Monterey, just down the street from the Monterey Museum of Art.

It is inside an old white building with the word Patisserie painted on the side of the wall. And there’s a lovely little patio where you can sit outside and enjoy your coffee and pastries while you people-watch and enjoy the Monterey weather.

When visiting Parker-Lusseau Pastries, you can choose from all of the coffeehouse classics like espresso, latte, hot chocolate, Americano, etc. But, the real star of the show here is the mind-blowing pastries and lunch items that they serve here.

The macarons, eclairs, croissants, fruit tarts, sandwiches and galettes are amazing here. Grabbing a bite to eat at one of the best bakeries in Monterey is a great way to start your day before exploring the city.

The Wild Plum Cafe & Bakery

Have you been looking for a vegan bakery in Monterey CA? The Wild Plum Cafe & Bakery is one of the best bakeries in Monterey and they have an excellent vegan menu.

Along with the pastry cornucopia that you can choose from at Wild Plum, there is also a menu full of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options as well. It is actually one of the top places to get brunch in Monterey!

On the breakfast menu here are scrambles, pancakes, breakfast burritos and tacos, and omelets. For vegans, there are vegan scrambles, breakfast tacos, mushroom chimichurri wraps, and more.

Meals here are bursting with flavors and are full of color. If a memorable breakfast is important for you during your time spent in Monterey, a meal at the Wild Plum Cafe & Bakery is in order.

Scrambles and omelets are stuffed with vegetables and overflowing with seasoning and toppings, the salads are teeming with healthy nutrient-dense foods, and the pancakes are topped with sugary cooked fruit. You won’t want to miss out on this Monterey gem.

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Rock N Roll Donut Bar

This donut bakery is a colorful and fun place to try inventive donuts and drinks on Cannery Row. A lovely donut bake shop in New Monterey, there are vegan options, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and light fare for you to choose from during your visit.

There indoor and outdoor seating and fun donut statues around the shop. Taking pictures with these donut mascots is a popular thing for visitors to do. Flavors like Boston creme, cookie and cream, cinnamon crunch, and strawberry shortcake are on the donut bar.

You can smell the sweet treats from Rock N Roll Donut Bar before you even make it to the front door! Bright colors and neon signs decorate the shop, creating a super fun place to hand out and enjoy a donut or two. The vibe here really plays a role in placing this donut shop on the list of the best bakeries in Monterey.

The outdoor dining space give your prime views of the Monterey Canning Company building and the people walking this famous Monterey street. With this perfect location, you have plenty of options for shopping and going out to eat once you are finished at this donut bakery!

Paris Bakery Cafe

The Paris Bakery is a fantastic cake bakery in Monterey. Here you can find chocolate cakes, large fruit cakes and fruit galettes, and other pastries like flaky croissants and turnovers, fruity danishes, sugary cookies, and classic cupcakes.

Paris Bakery Monterey is a popular bakery in downtown Monterey. It is located near other points of interest that can be reached on foot. Boutiques, restaurants, shops, and the Monterey County Youth Museum are all nearby.

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What really makes this one of the top bakeries in Monterey is its proximity to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. Since the wharf is one of the most popular attractions for visitors, it is likely you will find yourself in the wharf area. And a short few block walk will allow you to reach the Paris Bakery from there.

While you are here, you may notice that the window sign and signs inside the bakery say “Montmartre French Bakery.” Don’t let this confuse you, you are in the right place!

Patisserie Bechler

Patisserie Bechler is among the top bakeries in Monterey County. Located just over a mile and a half from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Patisserie Bechler is among the top bakeries in Pacific Grove.

If the five minutes drive to Pacific Grove doesn’t bother you, the trip to this longstanding French bakery will not disappoint. They offer house-made cakes, cookies, and pastries along with quiches, crepes, and sandwiches.

The vibe here is special. unique murals cover the walls, vines hang from the rafters, and the smell of sweet pastries fills the air around you when you are standing in the bakery. You’ll see the display case full of croissants, cookies, and muffins as soon as you walk in; choosing what to try first is the hard part!

As this is one of the best bakeries near Monterey, they know how to deliver to their customers. Gluten-free options are provided and they aren’t short on variety either.

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Alta Bakery and Cafe

Alta Bakery Monterey is located in a restored Cooper Molera complex where they serve elevated New America cuisine.

They also offer some of the best cakes in Monterey CA. So, no matter whether you are looking for sensational sweets, loaded toast, sandwiches, or something lighter, Alta delivers!

The avocado toast here is as delicious as it is beautiful. It’s topped with vegetables and edible flower petals for an Insta-worthy and rave-worthy creation that visitors love.

wood fired pizza with cheese and arugula on top

If you are visiting bakeries in Monterey for something a bit sweeter, you can’t go wrong with the cinnamon rolls at Alta Bakery and Cafe. They come with a dollop of cream on top and sprinkled with cinnamon.

For those looking for something heartier, the Ruben croissants, veggie wraps, and sandwiches are all astounding. The bakery is located on Munras Avenue near some of the best things to do in town on Alvarado Street. Perfect for those exploring Monterey on foot!

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Red’s Donuts

There are two Red’s Donuts locations that you might be interested in, one in Monterey and one nearby in Seaside. This incredible donut shop is always one of the best bakeries in Monterey CA for those looking for some delicious donuts to start your day.

Red’s Donuts has been around since March 1950, serving the Monterey Bay area for more than seventy years. The handmade donuts served at Red’s are made fresh every day.

Bagels, regular donuts, and fancy donuts are all on the menu. The regular donuts include glazed cake donuts, maple old-fashioned, French Vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate peanut cake donuts.

You can step it up a notch with one of their fancy donuts like the chocolate custard, maple bacon, lemon jelly, apple fritter, or an apple sugar powder jelly donut.

a box of four donuts, red donuts is one of the best bakeries in Monterey

Troya Turkish Delight & Baklava

A baklava shop on the list of best bakeries in Monterey? Yup! The honey walnut baklava here is heavenly! During your visit you can choose from a variety of baklava flavors and Turkish delights.

Grabbing a coffee and a small treat to enjoy in this aesthetic Cannery Row dining room is an absolute treat and something you won’t want to miss while you are in town. There are colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling, ornate tiled floor work, and the walls are lined with Turkish coffee and coffee making equipment.

Right next door to this bakery is the Fine Art Turkish Grand Bazaar where you can get imported Turkish items like lamps, bath robes, jewelry, game boards, and more.

Bagel Bakery

On the popular tourist street, Alvarado Street is one of the best bakeries in Monterey California for those who need a quick meal during their travels or a place to pick up a bite to eat to take with them on the go.

They offer a huge variety of bagel sandwiches like the New Yorker Lox bagel, Ham and Cheese, Egg Salad, Hummus and Avocado, and the Veggie Bagel Sandwich that comes with cream cheese, avocado, sprout onion, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.

Breakfast burritos, omelets on croissants, and croissant deli sandwiches are also on the menu here at Bagel Bakery. Pair your sandwich with a boba tea and enjoy your day spent in Monterey.

Pavel’s Backerei

Pavel’s Backerei is a five-minute drive from the Monterey Bay Aquarium across from the Grove Market in Pacific Grove. One of the top bakeries in Pacific Grove a visit to Pavel’s Backerei is well worth the short drive from Monterey.

This may be the only one of the bakeries near Monterey to be cash only. The vibe here is old school and the use of cash-only transactions adds to that experience. If you want to add Pavel’s to your Monterey itinerary, be sure to come with cash in hand.

The offerings at Pavel’s are huge. Large chocolate croissants, tarts, danishes, cinnamon rolls, and bear claws are all massive. The large portions and budget-friendly prices are things that keep locals and visitors returning time and time again.

When you walk into Pavel’s the large display case and containers of long skinny baguettes immediately show you what you can expect here. There are also appetizing sandwiches and lunch options for you here as well.

Once you leave Pavel’s Backerei, you can walk across the street to Grove Market which also has bakery items and food available by weight. You can grab a broccoli salad, spaghetti, chicken wings, or any of their offerings to take with you on the go.

This is a great place to buy snacks or a meal for a picnic in town. It’s also ideal for anyone looking to buy unique local products to take home as souvenirs. The market has been open since 1969 and has a typical small-town market vibe.

L’Aubette Belgian Bakery

L’Aubette is a cute little bakery near Cannery Row. This bakery in Monterey is only open on Sundays and provides guests with outstanding Belgian waffles.

The owner of L’Aubette is Belgian and wants to share his love of the Belgian cuisine that he grew up with with the people of Monterey. The Belgian-born creator of L’Aubette is passionate about what they are doing in Monterey and it shows through their waffles.

One taste of these Belgian waffles and it will be easy to see what makes L’Aubette one of the top bakeries in Monterey. They are proudly made with Belgian sugar, Mexican vanilla, and local ingredients.

They offer classic, chocolate, blueberry with lemon glaze, churro flavor, and more. The flavors are rotating so you can get something different every time you visit.

The laid-back nature of this small bakery, the vibe, and the quality of the waffles sold here are unmatched.

Lilly Mae’s Cinnamon Rolls

This Cannery Row bakery is a fantastic spot to get cupcakes in Monterey. Of all the popular bakeries in Monterey, this one is in the best location if you are interested in visiting other hot spots after your visit to the bakery. There are loads to do on Cannery Row near Lilly Mae’s!

Sweet and savory options are both offered here, along with vegan and gluten-free options. Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies, and more are baked on-site daily.

The calm, unpretentious nature of this bakery makes it a lovely place to be during a stroll down the world-famous Cannery Row. After Lilly Mae’s you can check out the Olive Bar for olive oil tastings, Sockshop for unique gifts, or the iconic Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Austino’s Patisserie

Arguably the best bakery in Monterey as far as the variety of tasty menu options goes, Austino’s Patisserie is another one of the awesome bakeries on Cannery Row.

A hotspot for tourists, Cannery Row is packed with everything you could hope for in terms of shopping and eating. At Austino’s Patisserie, you can find everything from breakfast food to lunch items, and desserts.

With the kind of variety that this shop has to offer, it’s easy to see why it is one of the best bakeries in Monterey. Quiche, croissant sandwiches, pizza, ice cream, sandwiches with fries, parfaits, cannolis, and more are all offered here.

There are outdoor and indoor dining spaces at Austino’s. Sitting outside is the way to go if there is good weather during your visit. The checkered tablecloths and the French bistro-style Rattan chairs make for a great people-watching dining space outside the bakery.

Monterey Donuts

Time for donuts in Monterey? Monterey Donuts can be found on North Fremont Street near another one of the best places for breakfast in Monterey, the Black Bear Diner. Packed with flavor, the donuts at Monterey Donuts are other-worldly!

Bakeries in Monterey rarely disappoint and this one is no different. You can order a variety of regular, raised, and fancy donuts here. Some of their specialty donuts include Oreo, blueberry twist, filled bar, cinnamon roll, and apple fritter.

For those who aren’t craving something sweet, there are sandwiches on the menu for you! Classics like Lox bagel sandwiches, and bacon, egg, and cheese are there along with vegetarian options and plain bagels.

box of donuts half eaten with a butter knife in the box

All of these stunning bakeries in Monterey are waiting for your visit! Mind-blowing elevated breakfast options, flaky pastries, cream and fruit stuffed options, and international bakery offerings are all quite appealing in Monterey.

Whether you swing by a bakery for a quick bite or eat in to get the complete experience, adding a bakery or two to your Monterey travel itinerary is always a good idea!

So, tell us. Which of these awesome bakeries in town will you be visiting first?

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